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Price History app is one stop for all your shopping needs. We've spent several hours curating features for our users.

Maximize savings from online stores

Price History Charts

It all started from here, you must check price history before every single purchase.

Price Alerts

Robust and automated system to track price of products, so you don't have to do it manually.

Stock Alerts

Product is out of stock? No worries, we will let you know when it's back in stock.

Redefined Search

One click search on multiple stores, presented in a smart way alongside smart search suggestions.

Deals every minute

The best deals that you will never find elsewhere are now on your fingertips right inside the app.

All-in-one shopping

Shopping superpowers in just one app. Super deals, price history, price alerts, search &apm; many more.
Price History search feature

How to get notified when price drops?

It's simple. Download Price History app and follow these three steps.

Open product page

Find your product via search or url and open it in Price History app.

Set alerts

Tap set price alert or set stock alert button, enter your target price.

Get notified

Based on stock, price, you'll be notified when the product price drops.

Price History for Android

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Price History for iOS & iPadOS

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