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View price history, track product price, get notified instantly when price drops!

Price History

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How to get notified when price drops?

It's simple. Download Price History app and follow these three steps.

Open product page

Find your product via search or url and open it in Price History app.

Set alerts

Tap set price alert or set stock alert button, enter your target price.

Get notified

Based on stock, price, you'll be notified when the product price drops.

Price History for Android

Download Price History for Android — it's free.

Download Price History for Android
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Price History for iOS & iPadOS

Download Price History for iOS & iPadOS — it's free.

Download Price History for iOS
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions by our users

Price History
What is a Price History?
Price History is a free website and an app that represents a graphical interface to view historical price charts of a particular product for various e-commerce stores. It also helps you to choose the best time to buy a product at the best price.
What is a Price Tracker?
Price Tracker is a term used to represent a tool that automatically tracks the price of a product for you, so you don't have to check the price manually several times a day.
What is a Price Drop Alert?
A price drop alert is a notification that you will receive on your device or e-mail once the price of a product you're tracking hits your set target price. Price History monitors the price of a product and notifies you as well.
How do I set a Price Alert?
Open the product in Price History app that you're looking to purchase. In the right bottom corner, you can tap the bell icon and then tap "set price alert" button. You can manually enter your target price and hit save button.

Supported Stores

Some of the most asked questions by our users

Price History For Amazon

Price History provides price history and price tracker for Amazon. With this tool, you check the price history of all Amazon products and can also set price alerts. Amazon keeps changing its inventory pricing and it is the best tool to get full-price insights of Amazon products.

Price History For Flipkart

Flipkart is the top e-commerce store in India.We provide price history for Flipkart and free price tracker for Flipkart.With Flipkart's dynamic pricing you can buy products cheaper if you track products with Price History. Track previous price and set price alerts to get best deals for your favourite products on Flipkart.

Price History For Myntra

Myntra is the biggest hub for fashionable products. With our free tools, you can check the price history for Myntra in few taps. Alongside, we provide the best price tracker for Myntra where you can set price alerts and can save a lot on Myntra products.

Price History for more stores

In total, we have 9 Indian stores for which we provide price history and price tracking features. Other stores for which you can check price history and price tracker are Nykaa, NykaaMan, NykaaFashion, Ajio, TataCliq, and Croma.